Arizona Coffee Shop Declares Itself The One-Stop Shop For All Things Trump

A steady stream of customers arrives every morning at The Trumped Store and Coffee House in Show Low, Ariz. Beneath a sign that reads “Making Coffee Great Again,” barista Sean Lynch whips up a latte. He pours foam over espresso and milk, still fine-tuning his latte artwork. 

“Sometimes I’ll make random abstract shapes, and I’ll be like, ‘Look that’s Trump’s head’,” Lynch jokes. “People will be like, ‘No way!’ ” 

The store is full of customers from all over the state. Some come for the coffee, others for the vast collection of President Trump-inspired merchandise. 

Rosemary Quesenberry drove three hours to buy a shirt. “I’m picking up the medium T-shirt again, ‘I’m an adorable deplorable,’ ” Quesenberry says.

Co-owners Steve Slaton and Karen MacKean cheer Quesenberry on. Slaton and MacKean opened the store in 2016 by converting a former mechanic’s garage into an unofficial campaign headquarters for then-candidate Donald Trump. The coffee shop came later.

They sell Trump teddy bears and rubber ducks, mugs and children’s books. There’s even a Trump toilet paper roll holder in the restroom. When you pull the toilet paper, it literally delivers the president’s message: “Our leaders are stupid … Our politicians are stupid … We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning.”

“We’re passionate conservatives. We are here to hopefully keep this very, very conservative area and keep it a strong republic,” MacKean says. “So, that’s why we so strongly support the president’s policies.”

The city of Show Low is home to many conservatives. Registered Republicans here outnumber Democrats 3 to 1.

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