‘RALLY A LITTLE LONGER’: South Park Targets Arizona House Candidate, Owner Of The Trumped Store

South Park, an animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, recently published an episode targeting Steve Slaton, a Republican candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, and the owner of the world famous Trumped Store in Show Low, AZ.

In the episode, the show’s character, Mr. Garrison, struggles with his homosexual relationship as he discovers that he really enjoys rallying with conservatives and chanting MAGA slogans. 

Steve Slaton responded to the content of the episode on Twitter, declaring, “I made the BIG TIME now.” He continued, “I am now a MAGA store owner in the latest South Park who helps a gay liberal guy go straight by chanting conservative positions.”

He concluded, “Anything is possible at the Trumped Store!”

While the episode was intended to ridicule Steve Slaton and his commitment to the America First movement, it highlights his unique stature among Arizona Conservatives and his success as a business owner.

The Trumped Store, in Show Low, AZ has been featured repeatedly in national press, by national candidates for public office, and in foreign registries as a tourist destination along the Grand Canyon and White Mountain trails.

They’ve also been known to host fundraisers for national candidates like Kari Lake, Mark Finchem, Blake Masters and President Donald J. Trump. On at least one occasion, President Trump has personally called to thank Steve, and his wife Karen, for their activism.

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