Steve Slaton on the Indictment of Cochise County Supervisors

Dear Arizona State Senators and Representatives,

We are very close to total tyranny within our State and Country! That illegitimate Attorney General, Kris Mayes, is indicting two elected officials is totally unacceptable.

Their “crime” is DOING THEIR DUE DILIGENCE! I urge the Arizona Senate and Arizona Legislature to start impeachment proceedings against this out-of-control agency head, Mayes!

This cannot stand. When elected officials are persecuted for fulfilling their obligation to “We the People” – we who have given our consent for legally-elected officials to govern and do their jobs – this action by Mayes will undermine our Republic.

The full force of the Arizona Senate and Legislature needs to bring an end to these lawfare practices! I ask all legislators and supervisors to stand in unity to protect our liberties and freedoms.


Steven Slaton
Candidate, AZ House LD-7

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