‘Trump Brings People Together’ – Meet the Hardcore Supporters Who Refuse to Believe Their Man Can Lose

Karen Slaton fell in love with Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential debates. When he stepped on to the stage, she saw something there. He was rude, but she liked it. It worked for her. Within six months, she and her boyfriend had thrown all their money and time into owning and managing a store dedicated to all things Trump.

Any customer who enters the Trumped Store wearing a face mask is told it is not required. If they do not take it off, the owners will repeat the message, but this time a bit more assertively to make their point clear.

In the corner of the shop in Show Low, Arizona, are framed prints of George Washington praying at Valley Forge. Above them is a television tuned in on One America News, a far-right pro-Trump cable channel.

On the walls hang letters from the president and first lady thanking the owners for their dedication and kindness. There are puzzles, stickers, books, life-size cut-outs of President Trump and Melania and previous White House press secretaries. There are flags. Dozens of flags. Pro-police flags, Donald Trump flags, Second Amendment flags…

The venture was the brainchild of Steve Slaton, now Karen’s husband. She thought it was a stupid idea at first but, after adding a coffee shop and hot dogs, they immediately started making a profit.

The store is not affiliated with the Trump campaign but it does act as a hub for like-minded locals and tourists to gather and talk about their profound love of the US president. There are small, temporary Trump pop-up shops all over the country — often copying the Slatons’ designs — but it is rare to see one in a permanent location with long-term plans to stay in business.

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