TRUTH PREVAILS: Steve Slaton Wins Frivolous Blackman Lawsuit

The Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County just ended a frivolous anti-free speech lawsuit brought by Walter Blackman against Steve Slaton to try to silence his political speech. The Superior Court found that “Mr. Blackman did not present evidence…supporting [his] allegation” and that the so-called “harassment” that Blackman claimed Slaton engaged in “did not serve as an act of harassment.” Blackman v. Slaton, LC2023-000260-001 DT. The Court ruled that Blackman couldn’t show that it was even directed at him.

Blackman’s lawsuit and fake claims were without any merit, weren’t supported by any evidence, and now they are finished. Thank you to the Superior Court for ruling for free speech and fair politics, and against a career politician who tried to silence Mr. Slaton’s right to free speech.

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