I’m The Only America First, Arizona First Candidate Running for the Rural District Of Arizona House LD-7 for 2024

The Arizona Legislature has only a slim majority… And is being targeted by Hobbs, the Clintons, and Soros cartel to turn the Arizona legislature Blue.

We must elect a newrepresentative who will not fail to uphold the Constitution of the United States and Arizona constitution. Which is the Oath I swore to uphold, serving in the U.S. Army.

Two Former Arizona Legislative Representatives, Walt Backman and John Fillmore who have co-sponsored nearly 100 democratic bills in the last 54th and 55th sessions are NOT THE ANSWER!

If our Country is to be saved, we must be the ones to do it without compromise. Clarity and Purpose will be my mission and task, WHICH CAN BE DONE!

I supported President Donald J. Trump in 2016, 2020 and now for his third term 2024, because he set us on the right track in 2016 and gave America Hope back by bringing prosperity to all Americans… Until the Chinese Virus Takedown.

Steve Slaton is the only America First – Arizona First Candidate
Business Owner – The Trumped Store
SHOW LOW AZ. 85901

Former Representative Walt Blackman has been an Arizona Legislator and does not deserve to have LD-7 Citizens Vote in 2024. He doesn’t take responsibility for his poor legislation and lack of judgment!

Walt’s Legislative record! Is His record!

Source: (www.azleg.gov 54th and 55th session)

  • As you all know we’ve been at war with the Democrats for many years. However Representative Blackman has CO-SPONSORED 61 Democratic Bills. Conservatives do not do that!
  • Blackman introduced Rank Choice Voting HB-2693 (a democratic ploy) which turned California BLUE, when we exposed him on it, he dropped the bill.
  • Blackman was for Sylvia Allen’s tax increase, until he was exposed on it.
  • Blackman was for closing the HELIUM development in the Holbrook Basin with the Democrats, HB-2498 when he was exposed on it, he dropped it.
  • Blackman voted for a 20-MILLION-dollar bridge to nowhere due to a stupid motorist, then tried to get the charges dropped. Source: (Check with the Gila County Attorney)
  • Representative Blackman is against Decertification (Maybe that’s why AZ Speaker of the House, Rusty Bowers endorsed him. Both Bowers and Blackman rejected Representative Mark Finchem’s HR2033 Resolution to Decertify the 2020 Election. It’s in the constitution!
  • Blackman was for the HOMO-PROMO Bill SB-1346, which promotes a homosexual lifestyle in the schools.
  • Equally egregious, Blackman has co-sponsored HRC-2022, the “prohibited bail; pretrial release presumption” bill. This proposed law is a progressive Democrat’s dream. This was one of Blackmans newest bill was to have the Arizona taxpayers pay for juveniles’ lawyers’ costs and fees without any regard to the taxpayers.

This is Mr. Blackman’s following along with George Soros’ POOR PEOPLE’S CAMPAIGN initiative.

These are not America First Policies!

Let’s look at Walt’s Legislative record!
His record is his record!

Source: (www.azleg.gov 54th and 55th session)

I’m listing all the Democratic bill numbers that former Representative Blackman co-sponsored, which you can look up.

Here’s the 54th session: 27 Democratic House Bills 54th 1st and 2nd Session that Representative Blackman co-sponsored, HB- 2064, HB-2346, HB-2570, HB-2571, HB-2597, HB-2621, HB- 2624, HB-2625, HB-2646, HB-2666, HB-2709, HCR-2035, HR- 2003, НВ-2351, HB-2512, HB-2513, HB-2533, HB-2538, HB-2569, HB-2682, HB-2683, HB-2751, HB-2799, HB-2806, HB- 2863, HB-2892, HM-2002, HB-2777,

Here’s the 55th session: 19 Democratic House Bills that Representative Walter Blackman co-sponsored, HB-2777, HB-2470, HB-2471, HB-2472, HB-2473, HB-2474, HB-2557, HB-2558, HB-2620, HB-2704, HB-2705, HB- 2606, HB-2708, HB-2752, HB-2097, HB-2098, HB-2099, HB- 2100, HB-2241.

List of Democratic Bills Walter Blackman co-sponsored in the 55th session: НВ-2139, HB-2140, HB-2142, HB-2143, HB-2147, HB-2148, HB- 2149, HB-2160, HB-2229, HB-2309, HB-2310, HGM-2003, HR- 2010, HCR-2022, HR-2002.

These are in addition his poor legislation bills l’ve mentioned earlier.

These are not America First Policies!

We cannot have this man back in the Arizona Legislature. Do not vote for Blackman! EVER!

Walt seems to have constant FINANCIAL PROBLEMS!
This could be an opening for Bribes!

Walt Blackman appears to have been delinquent on his property taxes from 2019.
Source: https://www.navajocountyaz.gov/Departments/Treasurer/Property- Taxes/Pay-Property-Taxes

Walt Blackman filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, California Central – Riverside, Case No. 0715360
Source: https://www.cacb.uscourts.gov/how-obtain-case-information

Here are some notable financial problems for which Blackman was filed against:
Source: https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/arizona-house-candidate-has- suffered-number-of-financial-maladies/
Source: Rose Law Group Reporter/ AZCENTRAL MAY 10TH 2022, by Ronald Hansen, Law Enforcement Today by Joseph Patrick May 11th, 2022.

  1. $5,495.00 from a deficiency balance from a September 2000 car repossession of a 1995 Ford Windstar from Consumer Portfolio Services
  2. $417.00 to Dish Network for satellite services
  3. $13.533.00 from 2005 car repossession from Cavalry Portfolio Service
  4. $283.00 from Fort Hood Family Housing, ni whatappears tobe services ot the housing in which he stayed while living on Fort Hood TX
  5. $3,610.00 for a November 2005 personal loan from Pioneer of Nevada
  6. $15,275.00 from April 2002 car repossession of a 1998 Chrysler Sebring from US Bank.
  7. In a 6-year time span, Blackman had 4 cars repossessed for non-payment.
  8. Blackman just recently bounced several refund donors checks in the amount of $2,900.00 each.

Sources: Mary Morris 2-1-2022; Karen Hall 02-03-2023; Tricia DeSouza 02-08-2023; Michael Wothe 2-23-2023; others forthcoming.

The word is now Blackman is blaming his former Campaign Managers for embezzling his campaign funds, and that’s why his refund checks are bouncing. As well just last year, claims were made against “Walter .J Blackman” for bad checks in Texas. Now “Walter J. Blackman” blames a “Walter E. Blackman” for writing Bad checks in Texas. One problem with this story is that “Walter E. Blackman” died back in 2020 and according to Walt, during a radio interview this Walter E. Blackman is also Black. Only problem once you look him up Walter E. Blackman is a white guy! And had no criminal charges on him for writing Bad Checks! Blackman’s story doesn’t add up.

Do not vote for Walt Blackman

Now let’s look at Walt Blackmans Demeanor!!!


Blackman called me a PUNK on his July 28th, 2022, Podcast. He doesn’t take responsibilityfor his poor legislation and lack of judgment! Since I brought this up Walt has taken down all his podcasts that referred to me.

Blackman over the year’s when challenged on policies, has threatened to sue me, and going as far also threatening to call in the capital police if Iever showed up at the State Capitol.

This type of demeanor from a representative is unacceptable. People can legally address policies and legislation that legislators promote; Politicians that can’t handle being challenged do not deserve to be in office!

Now knowing the facts about Walt Blackman who wants to be back in the Arizona House of Representatives representing LD-7 in 2024, Representative Blackman and his wife will attack you and call people Racist, Bigots, Anti-Semites fi you challenge him on his bills or votes. Source: (Steve & Karen Slaton, Owners of the Trumped Store; Drake Mitchell, AZCDL; Daniel McCarthy; Tiffany Shedd; Eli Crane, Roger Score, Republican Club of Tucson; Jordan Conradson (rumble.com), Reporter Gateway Pundit…. Jeffrey Walsh the Trumped Store Lawyer, And more).

Just recently Walter Blackman (R) had a so-called informative town hall that tried to reinforce his so-called conservative principles which he has none, arguing for the AEL cap to be lifted! Let’s set Mr. Blackman straight.

There is nothing “conservative” about lifting the Aggregate Expenditure Limit (AEL), especially if Kyle Nitschke is advocating lifting it!

(Kyle Nitschke is the ultraliberal leftwing Democrat activist from Flagstaff who ran against Wendy Rogers for Arizona Senate.) Walter Blackman loves to spend taxpayer dollars without any regards for them. Blackman seems to listen to Leftwing advocates! Not Conservatives!

WHY? With this background! This would be a tragedy representing LD-7!
Do not vote for Walt Blackman as Arizona Representative for LD-7! Ever!

Now that I’ve proven just how terrible former Representative Walt Blackman has been as an Arizona Legislator and does not deserve to have LD-7 Citizens Vote in 2024.

This is why I’m running for Representative for LD-7. Here are some of my policies and legislation I’ll Promote.

  • Finish the Wall
  • Re-Institutionalize Arizona Rangers, under ARS-26-174- State Guard > No State Investments Funds for ESG companies
  • No State Investments to China
  • Illegal for Az. Companies Discrimination Using ESG Scores
  • Drill Baby Drill Arizona Resources
  • Voter Integrity-Same Day Vote-No Machines-Count in Precincts
  • Defend theGuard Act-Needs to Be a Declared War
  • No 15 Minute Cities
  • Minimum Sentences for-Child Molestation, Rape Male or Female, claims of False Claims, Home invasions, Mortgage Fraud
  • Parental Rights-Stop CRT.
  • Parents Elect School Principles
  • Merit Pay for Teachers
  • Support the Police
  • Take Care of our Veterans •
  • Protect our 2nd Amendment.
  • Re-Introduce Sitgreaves County Project for Navajo and Apache County.
  • NGO’s will be arrested for Human Trafficking. > No Mandatory Vaccines!
  • Resolution to Federal Representatives to Remove the Reservation Act of 1880.

Place your trust and future with Steve Slaton to represent you in LD-7. The Only America First-Arizona First Candidate.

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