Store Sells All Things Donald J. Trump — And Business Is Yuge

Judging by the political polls, it’s either your dream come true or your worst nightmare: a store that sells nothing but goods dedicated to President Donald J. Trump. 

Owners of the Trumped Store and Cafe in Show Low, Arizona, are cashing in on Mr. Trump’s time so far in the Oval Office, doing brisk business with merchandise aimed at the 45th president’s biggest fans. 

From cardboard cutouts of administration officials to gold-plated $100 bills with Mr. Trump’s face on them, it’s the only brick-and-mortar store in the United States entirely dedicated to the president. 

Karen MacKean and Steve Slaton ran Northeastern Arizona’s Trump headquarters as volunteers during the 2016 campaign, and noticed incredible demand for all things Trump, even after the election, so they decided to open a store. 

“We started with just a couple tables, a couple T-shirts, some hats … and now we have 27 t-shirts and 28 hats and variety of different products that people just love,” Slaton told CBS affiliate KPHO-TV reporter Jason Barry.

The business took off even more after their store was vandalized last year. “After that it just exploded,” MacKean said. “The entire weekend we were packed with people, and from then on we knew we had something that people wanted.”

As for the store’s best selling item? No shocker here: A classic red “Make America Great Again” hat, for $25. But snazzy rhinestone versions start at $40. 

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